The Shingo Prize was created in 1988 with the intent to inspire great organizations to excellence by modeling themselves after the very best in the world.  This unique opportunity to become deeply familiar with these great companies provided an unusual learning laboratory for gaining insight into what enables the very best of the best to sustain their improvements over the long term.  These insights led to the development of the Shingo Model™.  

In essence, it was learned that while the application of improvement tools, the adoption of improvement projects/events and the creation of company wide programs for improvement are good; they are insufficient to create sustainable cultures of excellence.  Only those organizations that elevated the work beyond the tools, and made the effort to embed the core philosophy into their culture have been successful in the long term.  Shingo research then focused on what were the core philosophical pinnings for improvement programs over the last 25 years.  The answer to that question became the principles now embedded into the Shingo Model™.  Subsequent research conducted by the Shingo Institute, has led to the three key insights relating to Principles, Systems and Tools and the ideal behaviors that flow from embracing correct  principles.

Arches Leadership, LLC is a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. As an independent affiliate, Arches Leadership is able to use all of the intellectual property developed during Mr. Miller’s tenure as Executive Director. Arches Leadership is able to teach all four of the official Shingo courses with a depth of understanding unique to the developer of the course material. With eight years of experience in developing and teaching all of these courses at all levels and in many countries, Arches is able to provide deep insight into both the smallest details and the deepest concepts behind each component of the Shingo Model™ and the ten principles associated with it. As an experienced line and staff executive in some of Americas most respected companies, Mr. Miller can also relate the model to the roles of all levels in almost any organization.

Arches Leadership can help you to apply the Shingo Model™ into your existing improvement systems and begin the transformation of your culture without having to create a new “program” with all the stigma that comes with yet another improvement initiative.

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