…I DO know that you were a leading voice and HUGE influence in getting “us” to the place where we are. Organizations and the Lean community may have a longer journey ahead, but without your leadership, vision, and passion, we would most definitely not be where we are… you’ve played an enormous role in business performance improvement and getting the Lean community to where we are. I, and many other people in Lean, are deeply grateful for what you’ve created. I am deeply grateful to all that you are, all that you’ve done, and all that you’ll continue to be—and honored to have met you and count you among the small group of leading influence in my own personal development.
— Karen Martin, President,
The Karen Martin Group
We have watched the Shingo influence spread and become an international Operational Excellence model, as we have used the model for our own journey of continuous improvement and operational excellence culture – this is so much attributable to your vision and leadership.
— Steve Moore, Barnes Aerospace
Thank you for your support for our journey at John Deere towards principle based leadership…for helping in every way that we asked…for your innovation and for your leading the effort into new areas in leadership and behaviors.
— Tom Shambeau, Deere & Company
You are an inspiration to me and thousands of others.
— Tony Manos
Thank you for your passion in teaching and educating others to understand the path to operational excellence.

”You gave us all a totally new perspective on lean that we’ll use and continue to study the rest of our careers. Thank you for providing us the principle-centered transformation model and for modeling principles of life.
— Steve Newlon, Barnes Jewish Hospitals