Having completed the Discover Excellence workshop and had a period of time to reflect, you will now be ready to dive deeper into each of the dimensions and principles of the Shingo Model™ beginning first with the two principles at the foundation of the model that enable the culture.  These principles are Respect for Every Individual and Lead with Humility.

In the ENABLE workshop you will come to understand these two principles at a much deeper level.  You will experience in both small and large group discussions and in the work place, how these two principles shape the thinking and behavior of leaders to create a high performing culture of excellence.  In the workshop we will:

  • Learn what the foundational truths are that make these principles universal and timeless,
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the specific ideal behaviors for leaders, managers and associates that flow from these two principles,
  • Explore the key systems in an organization that must be aligned with these principles to drive ideal behaviors into the culture,
  • Identify leading and lagging indicators to provide insight as to whether or not progress is being  made, and
  • Experience observing in the real world the degree to which these principles are driving ideal behaviors into the workplace and planning for what adjustments are most appropriate.