This workshop it typically the final course in the four course Shingo curricula.  In the session you will explore the three final principles in the Shingo Model™ that are primarily the responsibility of the senior leadership team.  Together, the principles of Think Systemically, Create Constancy of Purpose and Create Value for Customers, provide the purpose and structure for aligning an enterprise around what matters the most.  Studying these principles at the depth you will in this workshop will provide the crucial “why” behind the key management systems of policy deployment, balanced scorecards, customer focus and others.

In the ALIGN workshop you will experience why these three leadership principles, along with the cultural enabling principles, become the key work of the management team in what has typically been an operations oriented program.  In the workshop you will:

  • Learn what the foundational truths are that make these principles Universal and Timeless,
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the specific ideal behaviors for leaders, managers and associates that flow from these three principles,
  • Explore the key systems in an organization that must be aligned with these principles to drive ideal behaviors into the culture,
  • Identify leading and lagging indicators to provide insight as to whether or not progress is being  made, and
  • Experience observing in the real world the degree to which these principles are driving ideal behaviors and begin to plan for what adjustments are most appropriate.