Arches Leadership, LLC is dedicated to the development of organizations based on the Principles of Enterprise Excellence.  We do this by teaching key leaders and managers the fundamental truths that are associated with each principle. We help them to raise their own standard of excellence to the highest level by learning to recognize ideal behaviors as opposed to good or even very good behaviors. We help to guide managers in adjusting the key systems that shape daily routines and ultimately help leaders to shift personal and organizational thinking and beliefs; the most fundamental shift that ultimately precedes cultural transformation.

In ancient Greek philosophy the word arche is a “first principle” or “something that was in the beginning”. The arch is a curved structure that creates a powerful support for everything that sits above it, just as a principle is the surest foundation upon which an organizational culture can be built.

About Robert Miller

Robert D. Miller is the Founder, President, and Principal Advisor for Arches Leadership.  At Arches Leadership, as an Independent Advisor/Consultant Robert guides organizations world-wide in building cultures of sustainable excellence based on principles.  Through his highly engaging teaching style, the best companies discover new paradigms that enable seeing and achieving greater potential.

Miller led the Shingo Institute for eight years as Executive Director. During this time he personally guided the thought process and development of the Shingo Model™ that is now fundamentally changing the way leaders think, behave, and lead.  As lead developer of the Shingo Model™, and experienced as a Master teacher, there is no one with a deeper understanding of the Shingo Model™ or better prepared to teach Shingo courses (IP owned by Utah State University).

In his career, Robert’s initiative kept him in the forefront of major management and business innovations including Just-in-time, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and Lean.  He has been a leader in the application of information and process technology to business, with special emphasis on leadership implications for senior executives.  Mr. Miller gained experience as both a practitioner and senior executive in some of America’s most highly regarded companies; including Deere and Company, Herman Miller, Inc. and the Gates Rubber Company.  Prior to his association with the Shingo Institute, he was a partner in a global business-consulting firm where he advised leadership teams in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. He was awarded by Brigham Young University in 1991 the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Engineering and Technology.

Arches Leadership as a Licensed Shingo Affiliate

In 2008 the Shingo Prize began to establish strategic relationships with great organizations in different parts of the world.  The goal was to expand its reach into local markets and to learn how best to grow the influence of the Shingo Prize in the world without having to build a significant staff at the Institute. Beginning 2014, the Shingo Institute began to significantly expand its network of “licensed affiliate” organizations around the world.

As a Shingo affiliate, Arches Leadership is an independent firm authorized by license to share the Shingo brand and teach all of the products developed by the Shingo Institute. Arches Leadership is authorized to teach any organization, in any industry, in any part of the world , and use the platform of the Shingo Model and courses (IP owned by Utah State University).  Arches will bring the Shingo Model™ to life for your leaders and managers so that they are best positioned to engage every associate in a way never thought possible.